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Elexpert and E-Vals are Secure, reliable and affordable

Elexpert is an effective and easy solution to online voting from desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.  Elexpert pricing is easy, clear and affordable.  E-Vals is our online course evaluation system that interfaces with your student information system for seamless and easy evaluations.

Getting started

Getting started with Elexpert and E-Vals is easy  Both systems support CAS single sign on and require no student identifying data on our servers.  There are other supported authentication methods and we will provide a free single sign on solution you can host on your own servers if you need that.  Elexpert ballots can be divided by class level, political party, major, on/off campus, residence hall, and more.  Each ballot item offers multiple candidate slection, ballot rotation and Elexpert fully supports referendum items and links to candidate bios/pictures.  E-Vals integrates directly with the leading student information systems.  You can also upload Course/Instructor/Registration information in various formats such as Excel, CSV, etc..

Hosted services

Elexpert and E-Vals are hosted services.  We host your elections and course evaluations from world class data centers located across the U.S. and around the world.    That means there are no servers for your staff to configure and maintain on your campus network.  With Elexpert, you access your voting results immediately after voting closes using Excel and other standard data query tools.  Results from E-Vals course evaluations are available as soon as the evaluation period closes for your institutional research office.



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